Refreshingly different

Les Moulins Lafayette 1000 Wellington St. W #103, Ottawa

Sometimes less is more. That is definitely the case for this delicate apple tart.  By the way, I am calling this an apple tart and not an apple pie because, according to a classification I agree with, a tart has a single firm and crumbly crust, as opposed to the flaky, and often double, crusts of a pie.

As the pictures show, this tart features fresh apple slices on a bed of apple-raspberry sauce. There is no cinnamon, and the combination of apple and raspberry makes for a very refreshing taste. The crust is thin, which means that it does not overpower the flavours of the filling.

I enjoyed this dessert at a friends' place after a meal they had prepared.  They revealed that the apple tart came from a bakery in Ottawa called Les Moulins Lafayette.  I will have to go there to make a picture for this blog. And while I am there, I'll check out their other pastries!


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