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Make the pilgrimage to taste this pie

Café-Restaurant de la Forêt, Jezus-Eik (Overijse), Belgium Just outside the ring highway around Brussels (Belgium) lies a little village called Jezus-Eik (Jesus' Oak). It got its name several hundred years ago, when the entire area was covered by forest. One particular oak tree was struck repeatedly by lightning. The locals attached a crucifix to the tree, to protect it. After a statue of Mary was added, miraculous healings begin to occur, turning Jezus-Eik into a place of pilgrimage. Antonius Sanderus - Chorographia Sacra Brabantia ( public domain ) Fast forward to the recent past: when many major European institutions got their headquarters in Brussels, space was required to house thousands of civil servants. Because of its proximity to a major access road into the city, Jezus-Eik quickly became a dormitory settlement for these commuters. As such, it features several excellent restaurants. I had a wonderful meal in Restaurant de la Forêt, an unpretentious but excellent

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