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Too cold for comfort

Herb's Travel Plaza, Vankleek Hill, ON
When travelling from Ottawa to Montreal and back, I often stopped at Herb's. This place started small a few decades ago, just a trailer or a shack in my memory, but already recognizable from afar by its red and white roof.

Situated about halfway between the two cities, Herb's has grown over the years to a full-fledged highway rest stop catering to truckers as well as everyone who needs a break from driving. In addition to a restaurant there is a mini-market that also sells gifts, take-out sandwiches and snacks.

Today was the first time I perused their dessert menu and discovered they served "Dutch" apple pie. Having eaten apple tart in Holland myself well before this blog existed (come to think of it, well before the internet existed), I can state with some confidence that this pie had no relationship to Holland. I can only assume that the word "Dutch" signals the presence of cinnamon.

This being said, the Herb'…

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