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Over 39 years and going strong

Mary's Restaurant, Winchester (Ontario)

Last week I was back in my old neighbourhood, secretly hoping to grab a piece of apple pie in a local coffeeshop that had opened not long before I moved out of the area. But - great disappointment - the place didn't exist anymore. Unfortunately, that seems to be the fate of many restaurants. It's very hard work, and the chances of success are not that great.

So it's very surprising when you find a place that has been there "forever". Mary's Restaurant in Winchester is such a place. When we asked who "Mary" was, they couldn't answer, because this restaurant already had that name when the current owner bought it 39 years ago!

The secret to Mary's success seems quite simply that they serve great food at reasonable prices. Sounds easy, but if it were, no restaurant would ever go out of business, would it?

Mary's serves a variety of meals, but I won't bore you with that and get straight to the d…

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