Apples with an Italian twist

SanRemo Bakery, 374 Royal York Road, Toronto, Ontario

Is it a cake, a tart or a pie? Maybe neither, according to at least one definition of the terms. 

This sweet dessert that some friends of mine brought from SanRemo Bakery in Toronto has both a bottom and top crust, so it could be a pie. But the crust is not "crisp and flaky" but looks more like a cake and, judging by the taste, is very rich in eggs.

The bakery's website calls it a shortbread pie crust but it is soft, so that I would rather call it a shortcake (as in strawberry shortcake).

But enough about the crust. The filling is chockful of fresh apple slices with just a hint of cinnamon. In my opinion, they could have added more cinnamon to balance the almost overwhelming flavour of the cake pastry.

Overall, a very unique apple pie that allows me to dream of Italy at a time when international travel is not an option.

A view of the real Sanremo in the 1920s


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