Fresh from the orchard

Kilmarnock Orchard, 1182 Kilmarnock Rd RR 2, Merrickville, Ontario

On an island in the Rideau River, halfway between Smiths Falls and Merrickville, lies this deceptively named orchard. I say deceptively, because this is much more than an orchard, they also grow tomatoes, garlic, and many other things.

I visited them in October. We were on our way back from Kingston via Perth (the Ontario versions of both, of course). A short side trip brought us across a bridge onto Kilmarnock Island, where the orchard is located.

The place looks very family friendly, with play structures for kids.

But I didn't come to play, but to sample their apple pie. I ended up buying a frozen pie, which I baked at home.  Not my favourite way of rating apple pies, because  my oven and my baking skills (or lack thereof) introduce a variable that the pie maker cannot be held responsible for.

In spite of that, the result looked quite good.

It looked even better when I cut a slice. A classic flaky crust wraps a filling of fresh apples. Lots of apple slices in a cinnamon infused sauce.

I really liked the fact that the filling was very rich in apples. Of course, one expects no less from a pie bought at an orchard, and the apples were really good.

We came home with two big bags of apples as well, plus some other things that have already been eaten.

In conclusion, a place to consider for an outing with the grandkids!


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