Perth, not down under

Perth Pie Co., 12 Gore Street East, Perth, Ontario

It's always funny to see the reaction of my friends in Europe when I tell them I spent the day in Perth. They think I hopped on a plane to Australia just for a quick visit. I then have to explain that I am talking about Perth, Ontario, a mere one-hour drive from where I live.

Actually, I have never been to Australia (yet). But when I go there, I'll be sure to check out their apple tarts and I promise that you'll read about them here!

Perth is a beautiful little town situated on the Tay river in Eastern Ontario. With the lockdown leaving few possibilities for entertainment, a drive through the countryside to discover the surroundings was an attractive option.

In-person dining was of course not an option, but some internet browsing allowed me to pre-order an apple pie from this bakery with the confidence inspiring name Perth Pie Company.

Just looking at the "pie menu" on their website shows that they take their name seriously. Fifteen different types of fruits, plus some optional combinations makes choosing a pie a deliciously arduous task. For simplicity and fairness, I opted for the straight apple pie. At least today.

As you can see, this pie is beautiful to look at. The slices kept their shape, which is always nice. Under the lattice top crust lies a thick layer of little pieces of cooked apple, enhanced with a hint of cinnamon. This pie does not only have good looks, it also tastes very good. This is a prime example of what apple pies can be.

The only thing I would change is that I found the top crust a bit too thick. But at the time I write this down, I see that they now also offer a crumble topping as an option. I may have to go back...


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