Give me more!

Sunflower Bake Shop, 100 Gore Street East, Perth, Ontario

Today was my second visit to the town of Perth (Ontario, Canada). Like the last time, restaurants could only serve foods on patios, and I was unable to find a place that had apple pie on its dessert menu.

Fortunately, Perth has a number of bakeries that make my favourite pie. This time, I tried a frozen, "bake at home" apple-cinnamon pie from Sunflower Bake Shop on Gore Street.

Baking a pie at home allows you to get that "fresh from the oven" experience without needing to do any of the work yourself. Of course, no two ovens are alike, and if I was a little disappointed, that may very well be due in part to my oven rather than to the pie itself.

I found the top crust rather limp and uninteresting. By contrast, the thicker crust around the pie was nice and crunchy. What I really liked about this pie was the filling of delicious, cooked apple pieces with just the right amount of sauce and cinnamon. But I would have like to see more apples, because the truth is that apples are what I like about apple pies.

I am sure I will be back in Perth another time, because this charming little town is not far from where I live, and it has beautiful parks and lots of eateries. I'll keep looking for places to eat apple pie.


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