Crusty Dandelions?

The Crusty Baker, 16 Prescott St, Kemptville, Ontario

This was my first visit to this (self-proclaimed) British bakery on the main street of Kemptville. I was hungry for sandwiches and also wanted to try one of their sourdough loves, when my eye caught a sign for their pies for this month. "Apple and Dandelion double-crusted pie". Dandelions are of course more plentiful than apples in May, but I was still very surprised to see them both combined in a pie. You'll understand I definitely had to try one of these pies. When I got it it was still warm from the oven.

This pie has a beautiful crust and is filled with delicately cooked pieces of apple. My overall impression is: delicious. I am usually not a fan of flakey crusts, but I'll make an exception for this one. The crusts of this pie are really good, almost like a cookie by themselves. Combined with the sweet apple filling, this truly is a delicious pie.

Now, what about the dandelion? I am not sure if that really referred to an ingredient. Maybe it was just a reference to the Dandelion Festival, a celebration of spring that used to be a yearly event in Kemptville. This year it was followed by Buskerfest, but I guess that "Apple and Busker" pie would not sell as well...


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