The best of both worlds

Waterfront Kitchen Café, Port Stanley, Falkland Islands

I must admit I like apple crumble almost as much (or more?) than apple tart. So you can imagine my joy when I discovered this apple crumble tart.

Most apple crumbles consists of cooked apple pieces in gelatin covered with a granola-like crumble made of oats and sugar.

This tart consisted of a thin shortbread crust, a layer of fresh apple slices and a thick layer of shortbread crumble. I must say I really liked this shortbread based crumble.

The thick layer of crumble combined with the thin shortbread crust made this a really nice piece of tart. I only wish the layer of apple had been thicker.

The location contributed to the positive experience. The Waterfront Kitchen is a cozy place that brought welcome relieve from the wind. Even in the middle of summer (remember this is in the Southern hemisphere), Port Stanley is a very windy place.

The Waterfront Kitchen Café

Too bad this is so far away. Otherwise I would gladly go back!


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