Delightful dessert du jour

Première Moisson, Longueil, QC
(This location has been closed since my visit, but there are other locations in the Montreal and Ottawa/Gatineau areas)

This is a specialty bakery, so my expectations were very high, and I must say I was not disappointed. They sell many kinds of apple pies. I had tarte aux pommes as dessert du jour, so I don't know what they call this particular type.

As part of a lunch deal, I received a small piece of pie, but it was more than sufficient to appreciate its qualities.

The crust has a nice shortbread structure and flavour, my favourite. The tart is topped with an oatmeal type crumble and a caramel drizzle, that together add a nice measure of sweetness. The apple filling was fresh and crunchy.

The overall experience was delightful. The only improvement would be to warm it up a little, but realize that I tasted this in the cafeteria-like extension of a bakeshop; they don’t pretend to be a restaurant, they just sell salads, sandwiches and desserts that you can take home or enjoy on the premises.


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