The real thing

Lock 17 Bistro, Kemptville, ON

Lock 17 is an unassuming bar/restaurant situated along the Rideau River (across the street from the 17th lock on the canalized river, hence the name). Along with a good selection of appetizers and entrees, they serve home-made pies.

We called a few days before our visit, and they graciously accepted to bake an apple pie on the day we would be there. If that isn't personalized service, what is?

Surprisingly enough, this is the first double-crusted traditional apple pie that I review on this website. And it definitely was the real thing!

As you can see in the picture, this was a serious slice of pie. The filling was chock full of fresh apples, with just the right amount of cinnamon. The flakey crust was a pleasant surprise for me: it was sweet and not too thick.

The apple pie was served slightly warm, which enhanced the flavour. Actually, I think it was so fresh it hadn't had time to cool completely yet. The overall effect was wonderful.  It would be worth going back to this place to see (I mean taste) their other fruit pies!

Lock 17 Bistro

Lock 17


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