Does size matter?

Fireside Grill, Kemptville, Ontario

In my experience, desserts that come with a table d'hote tend to be small.  However, this apple crumble was a clear example of the contrary.

Now I know, apple crumble (or apple cobbler) cannot really be classified as apple tart, but I have included it in reviews on this site before, and I'll do it again if they are really good. My excuse is that apple crumble is really apple tart without a bottom crust, and the crust is usually not the most interesting part of the tart anyway.

But back to this dessert. For reasons of fairness of the review, I ordered mine without ice cream or whipped cream.  Whether the other people at my table thought this was fair is a different question, because my entire bowl was filled with apple crumble, including the space where the others had their cinnamon ice cream and whipped cream.

Of course, quantity is not really a measure of quality. But when you get both, it really is your lucky day. The apple slices were cooked and still a bit crunchy, the sauce added a nice sweetness, the crumble topping was caramelized and there was just the right amount of it. The combination was so good that I had no trouble finishing the entire bowl.

(I must admit half a bowl might have been wiser but as you know, my mission is research and I take that task very seriously).

The warmth of the fireplace that gives this restaurant its name added to the enjoyment of a great dinner and a wonderful dessert.


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