In Catalan it's called pastís de poma

Granjas la Cataluna, Barcelona, Spain

The streets of Barcelona are full of restaurants. There are so many places where one can have breakfast, lunch and dinner that a visitor truly wonders whether the locals ever eat at home.

In this particular street, I saw several bakeries and other places serving desserts. It's interesting to note that even in the winter (i.e. 13 deg C), ice cream seems to remain a popular treat.

Personally, I was looking for something less chilly instead.  It took some searching to find a place where I could savour my first apple tart in Barcelona, but it was definitely worth the effort.

This Spanish (I mean Catalan) apple pie was quite different from the tarts I have reviewed so far.  Starting with a thin crust, it had a thick layer of custard on the bottom, topped with thin apple slices and a glaze that had been caramelized. The result was almost like "crème brûlée", with the added treat of apple.

Although I would have preferred a greater proportion of apple, I enjoyed this generous slice of pie very much.


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