Some apples come in small packages

Diluca Fine Foods, 218 St Lawrence St, Merrickville, Ontario

Merrickville, "Jewel of the Rideau", is a charming little village on the Rideau Canal. The canal was built in 1832 to link Lake Ontario and the St Lawrence to the Ottawa River.

Site of three of the 49 locks that accommodate the difference in height between the two waterways, it was an important strategic defense location in case of an invasion by the United States. It is hard to imagine that now when you see the peaceful visitors that come to enjoy the charming shops and eateries.

Those shops and eateries also keep drawing me back to this place which is close enough to home for a quick visit, yet different enough to convey an "away from home" feeling that makes each trip almost like a mini vacation. One of the shops I like to visit is the Merrickville Book Emporium, a used book store where I almost always find something to read... but I digress.

I haven't had a chance to sample an apple pie in one of Merrickville's restaurants yet, i.a. because of health concerns this year, but I discovered that Diluca Fine Foods had some interesting looking apple tartlets for sale.

Back at home, I sat down to enjoy my pastry. I really enjoyed the fresh apple pieces in a bit of jelly with just the right amount of cinnamon. Unfortunately, the crust was a bit disappointing, but the good thing is that it was not very thick.

Overall, this apple tartlet may not be Merrickville's main attraction, but there are enough other reasons to visit this charming village.


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